JP 東京 - Tokyo "Maricar" Go-Kart  都市卡丁車
JP 東京 - Tokyo "Maricar" Go-Kart  都市卡丁車
JP 東京 - Tokyo "Maricar" Go-Kart  都市卡丁車

JP 東京 - Tokyo "Maricar" Go-Kart 都市卡丁車

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預訂須知 : 先在網站上選購付款,再打電話到+61390207866 或 Email到 預約你需要的時間使用您的Voucher, 謝謝!


◎ 行程參考

一小時駕駛服務 : 東京港區及東京鐵塔 ( 最晚預約時間 : 9PM )
- 兩小時駕駛服務 :  ( 最晚預約時間 : 8 PM )
  A)彩虹橋、 台場、東京鐵塔、原宿、六本木。
  B)東京鐵塔、原宿、澀谷十字路口、六本木。  。 

集合地點 : 六本木卡丁車店(預訂後我們將告知具體地址)


- 足夠的燃料
- GPS導航服務   
- 行車監控器
- 車載擴音器(如果有)
- 頭盔,面罩和眼鏡

- 英語嚮導
- 馬力歐服裝
- 保險費用


- 個人消費 

◎ 溫馨提醒

- 您必須聽得懂日語或英語才能參加此活動。
- 請於當天帶上有效的駕照,和您的護照復印件(若是日本國民則攜帶有效證件)至卡丁車店。
- 必須穿著全部包裹良好的鞋(涼鞋禁止上車)。
- 請禁止以下行為:


  1. 持有比利時,法國,德國,摩納哥,斯洛文尼亞,瑞士或台灣駕照的顧客可以使用由日本自動車聯盟(JAF)或本國大使館,領事館提供的官方日文翻譯件和護照。
  2. 有效的駕照和國際駕照




 $ 66.13


 $ 92.57


Maricar Go-Kart is a go-kart rental service where you can enjoy cosplay and driving if you have a driver’s license. You can wear the video game or superhero costumes and go anywhere you want driving Maricar Go-Kart on the public road. There is no doubt that you will stand out in such vivid, unique Super Star Go-karting. Put your costumes on, play your favorite love songs on loud speakers, and drive around your favorite part of town in Tokyo! The Real Life Super Star Go-Karting is coming true!

◎ Itinerary Reference

1-hour Maricar Go-Kart Rental (per person)  : 
In this tour you will just go around Minato ward including the famous Tokyo Tower.

2-hours Maricar Rental (per person) : 
Route options : 
A) Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower, Harajuku, Roppongi. B) Tokyo Tower, Harajuku, Shibuya crossing, Roppongi  
The route might change depending on traffic, weather or any other unexpected circumstances.

Meeting Point : At the go-kart facility in Roppongi (address will be provided after booking)


-  fuel (you do not need to fill up the tank when returning)
-  GPS car navigation (if available)
-  loud sound speakers (if available)
-  helmet, mask, gloves, and glasses

-  English guide
-  costume

-  Insurance


-  Other things not mentioned
  A) you can book the optional Go-Pro sport camera shooting.
  B) If you drive with your friends or families, the wireless applications can also be rented for a fee.

◎ Important Information

  • Bring a valid license, or International Driving Permit and a copy of your passport (passport is not required for Japanese) to the shop on the day
  • Closed-toe footwear that covers the entire foot must be worn to drive in Japan (no sandals)
  • Please refrain from: 

  1)Taking photos or filming videos with your mobile phone when driving the go-kart.
  2)Hitting each other's go-kart as you are driving on a public road not at an amusement park.
  3)Driving erratically, driving side by side or drift driving.

Please let us know which drivers licence you have when you book! 

  • A driving license from Belgium, France, Germany, Monaco, Slovenia, Switzerland or Taiwan; and a official Japanese translation provided by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) or the country’s embassy or consulate in Japan.
  • Both a driving license and an International Drivers Permit (IDP) based on the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic.
IMPORTANT: IDPs based on the 1968 Vienna Convention are NOT valid.

It’s mandatory that you must show both your international driving license and your local license in your country. Otherwise we are NOT able to let you drive. 


1-hour Maricar Go-Kart Rental

 $ 66.13

2-hours Maricar Rental

 $ 92.57


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